Printed wallpaper: easy and beautiful

Printed wallpaper: easy and beautiful

Do it yourself: how to apply printed wallpaper
Show off your style: whether it’s tropical or glamorous, the wallpaper changes the face of your home.

Printed wallpaper, DIY, Tips
Tips for applying printed wallpaper – 6 things you need
Whether it’s a wallpaper for the bedroom or a wallpaper from the 70s, there are 6 accessories you need to answer the command “how to apply wallpaper?”

A spray bottle with water
Printed wallpaper, DIY, Tips
Tie a small object like a key to your wire and hang it on the wall with a little tape to get a straight line.
Take a ruler and the pen and draw a straight line along the wire. Spray the back of the printed wallpaper with some water. Then you can finally place it on the wall paying close attention.
Always start from the top and gently attach the paper to the wall with the brush. This will prevent the formation of bubbles. Don’t worry too much because with this lawn paper you can change and reposition the support as many times as you want. Cut the excess printed wallpaper with the cutter and it is done: your walls will have a new look!

Simple, fast and beautiful!