Printed wallpaper: easy and beautiful

Do it yourself: how to apply printed wallpaper
Show off your style: whether it’s tropical or glamorous, the wallpaper changes the face of your home.

Printed wallpaper, DIY, Tips
Tips for applying printed wallpaper – 6 things you need
Whether it’s a wallpaper for the bedroom or a wallpaper from the 70s, there are 6 accessories you need to answer the command “how to apply wallpaper?”

A spray bottle with water
Printed wallpaper, DIY, Tips
Tie a small object like a key to your wire and hang it on the wall with a little tape to get a straight line.
Take a ruler and the pen and draw a straight line along the wire. Spray the back of the printed wallpaper with some water. Then you can finally place it on the wall paying close attention.
Always start from the top and gently attach the paper to the wall with the brush. This will prevent the formation of bubbles. Don’t worry too much because with this lawn paper you can change and reposition the support as many times as you want. Cut the excess printed wallpaper with the cutter and it is done: your walls will have a new look!

Simple, fast and beautiful!


7 tips to furnish the corridor

Make the most of the entrance area! Dalani gives you 7 precious tips to furnish the corridor and transform this space into a comfortable and welcoming place. Not just a place of passage, but a living environment.

Furnishing-the-corridor, Corridor, Furniture, Colors, Advice 7 tips to furnish the corridor
7, the perfect number to guarantee the best advice in order to furnish the corridor, transforming it into an environment endowed with its own personality, to be experienced like the other rooms of the house. Here is the list of Dalani to customize based on your style:

Add color
A colonial touch
Library for corridor
Create a personal office
Play with the illusion of depth
Make the corridor smaller
Light up the corridor
Greedy ideas like candy, all to be discarded.

1) Furnish the corridor – Add color
Furnishing-the-corridor, Corridor, Furniture, Colors, Advice If you have a long corridor and find it a bit boring, brighten it up with bright colors. An orange, combined with an ad hoc lighting, can make an environment usually destined for the passage one of the most pleasant areas to live. If you don’t feel like using strong colors, you can choose colored carpets of different shapes and sizes. Paintings, photos and prints bring further liveliness to the hallway: a home art gallery to furnish the corridor. A true little masterpiece.

2) How to furnish the corridor – A colonial touch
Furnishing-the-corridor, Corridor, Furniture, Colors, Advice If your corridor is very large you can create a mini living room inside it. Wood and leather are a must, as are sheepskin rugs and mirrors. For the carpet, don’t forget that the “zebra” pattern is very trendy this year.

3) Create spaces with a corridor bookcase
The walls of the house do not only serve to hang paintings. Along the corridor wall you can install a library with sections dedicated to CDs and DVDs. A cultural walk between one room and another.

4) Furnishing the corridor – How to create a personal office
Furnishing-the-corridor, Corridor, Furniture, Colors, Advice Do you need a space in which to work but don’t have a free room? Try to take advantage of the corridor! If it is large enough you could place a small desk and a chair on it, thus creating a small office. Turn it into an even more comfortable place with the addition of a beautiful table lamp. Furnishing the corridor will thus become a true exercise in ingenuity.

5) Entrance furniture – Create an illusion of depth
Furnishing-the-corridor, Corridor, Furniture, Colors, Advice Your entrance is short and narrow but do you want it to appear long and wide? Just hang a mirror and play with the optical illusion that can spread a greater sense of spatial depth. Even the light is able to change the perception of the dimensions of a room.

6) Reduce the corridor
Furnishing-the-corridor, Corridor, Furniture, Colors, Advice Furnishing the corridor is often a question of necessity. Is your entrance area very wide and you would like to make it appear narrower to avoid a little lived aesthetic drift? From a single large room you can get two different ones using curtains and filling the space with furniture: a sideboard surrounded by two stools can be the ideal solution. The easiest? Playing with carpets with important patterns, but not in obvious contrast to each other, to avoid the feeling of “noise” in the chosen style.

7) Illuminate the corridor – Entrance lights and light colors
Furnishing-the-corridor, Corridor, Furniture, Colors, Advice If you think that your passage is too dark, light it by painting the walls white and adding different points of light. If you have the opportunity, install a glass wall with sliding doors, a solution that guarantees a greater supply of natural light to the room. Furnishing the corridor in the most strategic way can change your living space with the lightness of a light beam.