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Décor is, to some, an afterthought. To others, it’s a secret key to happiness. To me, it’s a reason to come home every day. When I was growing up, I spent a lot of time at various relatives’ houses while my mother was working. This exposed me to a variety of lifestyles ranging from disorganized and claustrophobic to bright and relaxing. I quickly learned which one I preferred. As I got older, I started taking over my own home’s décor from my mother. By the time I left high school, I had completely changed the way our house looked and felt. This was due in part to my parents’ busy schedules preventing them from doing much decorating of their own. However, it was largely caused by my own anxieties and compulsions. I’m the type of person who needs everything to have a nice, neat, and orderly appearance. This was reflected in the furniture and organization I started implementing in the house. From the way books are catalogued on the shelves, to the way cutlery is separated by use, my methods ranged from practical to extreme. Were it any other way, however, I’d be stressed beyond belief. Having control over the details inside my house gave me the satisfaction of knowing everything was where I wanted it to be. The other benefits to organizing the house included saving space and making the place more inviting to guests. There’s a great piece of mind that comes with free space and an open home when looking for area rugs in Arlington VA.
My changes went beyond tidying up the place. We were able to lose some clunky and outdated furniture and find better uses for the new space. The living room got a new couch with matching recliner. The kitchen counter finally became a place to prepare food, and not just a repository of daily items. At first it was difficult to get my family on board with the improvements, but over time they adjusted to a cleaner house with less junk floating around.
There were smaller improvements too. Simply hiding wires that led to the T.V. did as much for the look of the home as anything else. I repainted the rooms to lighter shades of primary colors, to add some life to the otherwise dark home. After updating to new, matching drapes that stay open during the day, one could be forgiven for thinking we’d moved to a new house.
Sometimes, my parents’ inclination towards a rustic theme clashed with my spartan, modern taste. The den that they held onto as their own is complete with a cobblestone hearth and fireplace (a passion project of my mason father), ceramic-lined cross tie mantel, traditional western paintings, and a generally taupe color scheme. My bedroom, on the other hand, has black, squared, minimalist furniture, mostly bare walls, and bright walls and accents. This is integral to my daily happiness. As a full-time student with two part time jobs and extracurricular commitments, my days are draining. Knowing that I can come home to a clean and comfortable room takes a major weight off my shoulders. The desk that I made and integrated into the room is probably the single most important tool to my success as a student. Not only does it complete the look of my room, but it also sees me through my many long nights of homework and project work. From the black, articulated lamp that reaches up from the side, to the network of hidden wires connecting my laptop, hidden desktop, computer monitor, speaker, and accessory charger, the desk has everything I need to help complete the arduous tasks inherent to my engineering education.
In short, interior decoration can mean many things to many people. To me it’s been a hobby of organizing, brightening up my life, and staying on top of my responsibilities. There are few things in life that are so important, yet so overlooked by many. I think if this whole engineering and rocket science thing doesn’t work out for me, I know what career I’d choose next. The one that lets me put my creative eye to use while helping to keep my anxious mind in line.